February 25, 2011

Phoebe's way of life ^^

Currently I'm pretty busy to keep updating myself with Gold and Silver news as well as other investment stuff. At first, I got no inspiration how people invest in Gold and Silver till I meet Jonathan Quek, Asia's Youngest Wealth Coach. From there, he educate me how and why people today ought to invest in Gold and Silver instead of keeps their money into saving account as money is just a paper with value. He even assign me to assist him updates new post almost every day in to keep update others people with silver news happening. From there, I discover Silver price goes up much faster than Gold as both are precious metal on the earth.

As a student, I don’t really have much time to spend on myself as I'm part of Segi Entrepreneurship Council (SEC) and I do active on it ^^ I have to join almost every competition and squeeze my brain for new business idea. Basically, it’s HELL after I join them! haha~ There's no full stop but continuous stress, busy and busy. Yet, I learn how to observe other people fury and humour when come to disagreement. Well, to get myself out from this circle, I would just keep my mouth shut, overcome it and try to work on :) One thing I learn from the members there, excuses are bull shit. We should learn to manage our time, basically it’s all about time management. Even the whole world burns down, you still got to get your work done! Therefore, the busy my life, the more I will appreciate every single minute I spare ^^

Apart of my busy life, I got to spare out some of my time with my partner as well. It’s not must but is compulsory for me to do so. From my earlier period, I had gone through numbers of failure in relationship and I don't want keep repeat the same mistake. Failure is torturing when you realize you form it. In order to keeps my present relationship alive, I squeeze out some of my days only for him. Whenever the days out with him, I manage to get myself free from my busy circle, relax and enjoy it ^^ Stressfulness and tension will gone during the moment I spend with him. Thanks dear for understanding my lifestyle and I do hope we would work on it together. I Love You ^^ 

February 21, 2011

True North Asia

I was given a chance to work as intern even its not my season yet. At first i still doubting should I take this as my very new challenge to enter my life on. huh~ Ya, I do seek for advice from the right person  but I myself already 70% ready to play this game. I realize I would be real damn busy. Come on! I'm still a student and there are pretty mush task I have to handle. My academic come first of cause, families, boyfriend , S.E.C, friends, and my part time job as well~ Frankly, 48 hours a day still wasn't enough for me if I given a chance to readjust time cycle a day >< Well, all this is just about time management!It actually depend how well u management time and spend wisely and how great you wasting your time a day~ Even so, this all should be brave enough to challenge yourself will new things and overcome it as well.
Lets get your leg ready and step into entrepreneur world, the world with high risk and challenging games.
True North Asia, truly gives chances to explore~

October 17, 2010

Innosparks 15&16 Oct 2010

Innosparks is Entrepreneurship Challenge from mind to masterpiece ^^ Sound cool for me... Well, my team participate 1 week before the competition and we got no idea at all for our competition...and, all this settle by our spiritual of teamwork. We finish all this in 3 days. Thanks for the commitment given by all of us. We even go college library on Saturday and Sunday to carry out a discussion... (Weekend i suppose sleep till noon. lol.) So, here come our idea... the future public transportation...Somehow we didnt turn our the top 4 finalist but what we gain here is really valuable... 

September 21, 2010


Took couple of week to recharge my energy and strength after working continuously for the pass 4 months. Is very relaxing but I get bored when come to third day. Got work sickness I guess. Haha. Right in front my laptop from morning till night with those games, movies  and I finish few drama as well... Bored life right? If I don't join any outdoor activities I must be crazy rooting at home.>< 

So, I get myself  busy on the second week. Yeah I go out everyday that week. Our Form 6 gathering and we had Steamboat BBQ , NS gathering at The Garden Paparich, movies at TimesSquare LeisureMall CherasSelatan, friends house as well, and went out shopping with my mum and sis and they make me spend nearly 600bucks!!! Gosh...Gotta start do saving again...cham~~

Since second week my schedule so full and nearly get scolded by my dad >< So, didnt plan anything on my third week holiday. Daily routine are same. Movies, games, internet continuously...~~ all this make me lazy day by day and hardly could get my ass off from the place and my sight off from the laptop. Maybe because of this, they drive me to serious migraine case now~~

And finally... my college start. I had my first class on Monday at 12.15pm. I don’t really enjoy my first class maybe because I know no one there and currently I undergo emotion disturbance. With my normal behavior, I will go interact with new people, get new friend since all of us are new there. But now, I don’t. Instead doing all this, I rather keep silent till the class end and locked myself at the place I sat from the beginning. Why? Something wrong with my head? Gosh.. I can’t think. All this make me really sick.~~

September 5, 2010

Just PC

Time Tik tok tik tok and now come to early of September... I already leave this PC company and is time to take some rest...when review back all the pass...hmmm.. lots of memory. Good or bad is still already pass. I just don't wish to remember my past and just to look forward and just keep on moving and moving..Why not be happy and seek for our future??? Time flies hard and you would  have die hard to keep striving yourself up!!! Lets talk bout overall my experiences, sad, unhappy or happy moment there.When I just enter this company I use to stick with their old management which is actually not systematic. After a month our operation manager been over taken by another guy and here our management change overall. Well, we are human being which we will object when not agree with something and here come the new branch manager and some part timer which we (the old staff) does not welcome their existence... Bad huh? Time will prove everything and finally we get along each other. Frankly, gossip stuff not only involve girls but GUYS TOO!!! Well, I'm the only so-call-girl work as sales representative and lots of 'pattern' I experiences from them (cause most of my colleague are guys...sounds boring) Lansi, selfish, pretend to be very smart and etc....WTF...When I in bad mood, definitely I will tuned up...Sometimes we give trouble and helping each others...Well, positive side would be we help each other to hit our margin to get commission^^ So, negative+positive=nothing. As I thinking, thinking and keep on thinking to figure out the best moment when I work here... Gosh, I can't. Perhaps it's actually nothing is best. Stress, Unsatisfied, Angry and all those negative stuff I can figure out one by one. Maybe bcoz I'm the negative thinker. There's one of them ask us a question. God bring us to this planet of earth is to suffer or enjoy? And yet, I answered suffer. From there he said I'm the negative thinker which I do admit I am. When something happen. I will straight come to the negative points instead of the positive one. Ok. Lets back to the lane. The worst moment is meeting time. The first meeting we had was in the early morning which I still ok with it..AND the second, third meeting was at night. Guess what time the meeting end? 11.30PM!!! 

June 14, 2010

11 May 2010

 Went to Tenji with ViVian, Kat, Lai, and Sook Ling for ourfirst try there. Credit to ViVian for her ride ^^. Well, foods there not too bad not too good. Just very average class of Japanese food la...And each of us spend bout RM57++ there for our lunch..Lol.

May 10, 2010

10 May 2010

Felt no mood do any sales on Saturday although there're number of customer but most of them questions me more than buying it. Some even irritated, asking which is the best selling items,compare this and that, try to cut down the actual price and show their interested but ended walk away and say ' Thank You'. Huh.. what to do.. I just can smile and said 'You're welcome'. Babi. Dont want buy then dont ask so many things la. After work straight went home and go out dinner with Joshua. Haha. Pity him got to borrow his ear to listen all my complains. Anyway, thanks ya Josh for your time and patient :) Alright, come to Sunday, hmm... got to work at Aquaria. Extremely boring there. time tik tok damn slow. Less people there mean less sales lo...Sit there alone and no one to talk to coz I was actually alone in that stall :( Pity me got to shut my mouth for so many hours. Finally wait till 7pm XD quickly get packed then go Times Square with Josh as planned. Weekend really hardly could find parking. If it possible. I would just fold the car and keep inside my bag..Lol. Lame. So, get myself a pair of sneaker there under Josh suggestion with the colour. Ok, brown sneaker. Then walked to Low yat to see his laptop bag at my work place. Went to dinner after that near my house. Back home my body was totally very tired coz maybe didn't get rest well. K la, got to work dy...boss can see I blogging through his number of CCTV. Haha. Bye blog ^^